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Licensing And Monetization Of Intellectual Property

An important goal of any intellectual property (IP) portfolio is appropriately monetizing the full potential of that portfolio. In a global environment, this goal brings many challenges.

Many of our clients are Asian businesses wishing to market their products in the United States. Our attorneys at PV Law LLP understand these challenges. We have the skills and experience to effectively assist your business with this process.

Our relationships throughout the world with the full range of legal, business, and science communities and thought leaders, developed over many years of work in both the U.S. and Asia, enable us to accept and resolve efficiently and effectively a broad spectrum of IP issues.

Licensing Agreements

We have substantial experience with licensing agreements, both those organically created as well as those resulting from litigation. We know that within this arena, licensing agreements often develop from infringement litigation.

This experience allows us to always be ready to shift stance, from litigation to negotiation, with an eye to obtaining the most favorable outcomes available for our clients.

This negotiation experience, gained from numerous real-world cases, enables us to provide the strategic counsel and guidance necessary to manage complex IP transactions for a wide range of issues.