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About PV Law LLP

Our lawyers at PV Law LLP have earned a respected and successful track record representing companies, especially those based in the United States and Asia, in all forms and on both sides of intellectual property-centered disputes, transactions, and investments.

Decades Of Sophisticated Experience

Throughout our cumulative experience advocating for clients from the United States and the major Asian technology centers, our lawyers have consistently secured positive results in hundreds of Federal and State court litigations, transactions, negotiations, U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) investigations, and proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).

Our attorneys are constantly litigating in the country’s “patent litigation hotbeds” and are thoroughly versed in current trends and recent proceedings involving patent litigation.

Our Attorneys:

Technical, Legal, And Industry Acumen

Our attorneys have technical degrees in engineering, computer science, biochemistry, and molecular biology as well as advanced law degrees, and one is a widely recognized scientist in the fields of genomic research and bioinformatics.

We have tremendous depth of industry experience, from cutting-edge technology to substantial experience working with Asian businesses both in the United States and abroad.

At PV Law LLP, the lawyer best suited for a project works on the project. Our founding team members have worked together for more than a decade.

A Deep Foundation Within IP Law

Managing partner Robert Gaybrick joined a prestigious IP boutique, where he was seconded to Japan as a foreign law consultant and as his firm’s first lawyer in Tokyo. Eventually, he rose to head the Electrical Practice Group of that firm.

Understanding the implications of the incipient trend of jury trials in patent disputes, he founded the patent practice for one of the top global law firms, where he practiced for 26 years and led the growth of the patent practice from zero to 150 lawyers.

A Collective Vision

At PV Law LLP, our attorneys came together with a collective vision of a transformational model for representing clients where technology, portability, flexibility, and a single billing rate cost structure support superlative quality legal services by eliminating billing rate and geography from influencing the staffing of projects.

Our attorneys’ innate understanding of the patent law system, technological innovation, and the discrete cultural differences each country brings to the negotiating table truly sets them apart from their peers around the globe.